If you were to spend 7 to 10 days in Sicily, you could do quite a few interesting and different things. Whether you choose Taormina as your home base from which to explore the Sicilian way of life, or prefer to be on the move throughout the island...

Here's what I would suggest (ideas to choose from):

Option 1: Taormina as your primary base. 

What to do on your own in Taormina:

  • Beaches - 4-5 beaches to choose from with 'lido's' where you can rent lounge chairs and big umbrellas for the day, have a great lunch, read, swim, relax - one of my favorite activities.
  • Tennis - on your own or with a pro.
  • Walks & Hikes - Taormina is situated on the lower half of a steep cliff and ridge of a mountain. There are stunning walks you can take from there, some longer and others shorter, that get you to a point of interest, whether it's the beach (easy) or up to Castelmola, or even a several hour trek to the peak of Monte Scuderi for even more impressive views. Even just walking through the city itself, exploring the narrow alleys and side streets, you’ll discover the hidden gems on your own.
  • Eat! (an art in itself here!) – lots of great restaurants all over who are very proud to present local ingredients and dishes (from the moment you wake up until you lay your head on the pillow).
  • Architecture & History Discovery - Taormina, being in the strategic location that it is, was home to every civilization that passed through Sicily and carries the traces of its legacy - sometimes you just need to know where to look!
  • Shopping – local artisans

Classes you can take in Taormina:

  • Ceramics Painting classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Traditional Sicilian Music workshop
  • Italian Language & Sicilian Culture classes (including Italian film, literature, art, etc)
  • Wine, Olive Oil & Cheese Tasting
  • Make cheese at a local dairy farm
  • Painting & Sculpture classes
  • Tennis with a pro
  • Cycling with a pro
  • Yoga
  • And more…..

Excursions & Day Trips from Taormina:

  • Etna Wineries, tasting and lunch
  • Hike around Mount Etna
  • Valley of the Temples, Agrigento
  • Piazza Armerina - the Roman Villa del Casale (near Agrigento)
  • Baroque towns: Noto, Ragusa Ibla, and Modica
  • Horseback riding around the Alcantara
  • Antiques shopping
  • Contemporary Art visits
  • Visit local agricultural producers – pick your own produce! (seasonal)
  • Boat and yacht excursions
  • And more…

Aeolian Islands Stay – Filicudi (2 nights minimum):

  • Find your own peace in this island paradise
  • Get to know the terrain and way of life through a number of hidden walks and introductions to locals. 

Option 2: On the move throughout Sicily. 

  • Tell us more about you: your primary interests (themes or activities) and the cities or areas you're most interested in.

About Transportation:

  • To and from the airport - Catania Fontanarossa Airport
  • In Taormina, you don’t need a car at all. You can rent one as needed or take an excursion with a driver and enjoy the view!
  • You can cover quite a distance and discover a variety of unique angles very comfortably on foot in Taormina. 
  • If you already know how to drive a moped, and have a license, driving around Taormina on a moped is quite wonderful!