Anna Cozzaglio

I am a Sicilian American, with a stopover in Argentina. I grew up making fresh gnocchi and lasagna with my nonna, who lovingly called me “annamariuccia”, but we spoke Spanish at home and traveled to Argentina annually to visit family. On my first visit to Sicily in 2001, I met the part of the family I had only heard stories and seen photos of, and I immediately fell in love with the island. On my third visit, in 2006, I obtained my dual citizenship, became a resident of Taormina and lived there through the end of 2009.

Sicily is truly a magical place. Everywhere you look, you are confronted with a raw natural beauty and intense energy – in the air, land, volcano, and sea – woven into a sophisticated architectural, cultural, and historical legacy. The true fabric of Sicily, however, is the people.

I believe in immersive living, cultural exchanges, human connections, and lifelong learning. I left Sicily in 2009 for a work adventure in Manhattan and that eventually led to a Master’s degree from Christie's Education in Modern and Contemporary Art History & the Market. Having been a civil engineer, a teacher, a marketing and sales specialist, and an amateur artist, I’m now returning to Sicily with a passion to connect people to the arts and cultural opportunities that abound in the region.

I have assembled a host of teachers, artists, artisans, chefs and creative types from across the island who would love nothing more than to share their craft, knowledge and lifestyle with you. Visit us and Make It Sicily!